Discovering Amsterdam by bike is one the most fun and cheapest ways. Navigate through the 17th-century city centre with its narrow streets on your bike. Hop on hop off between attractions, museums and shopping areas and see more by bike while blending with locals. Rent the bike for 1 full day and return it near Amsterdam Central Station. Enjoy for free a cup of coffee at one of the nicest spots in town.

Take your bike near the Central Station and enjoy a ride for 24 hours in order to fully explore the city of Amsterdam: the canals, the typical streets and the museums. Biking is so easy in Amsterdam, known as one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world thanks to the many bike paths. Pedal power is all you need to discover the city. Using the bike is definitely one of the fastest and cheapest ways to visit the city. Rental includes the use of a bicycle for 24 hours, a map, a bike lock and a free cup of coffee at one of the nicest coffee shops in town.

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