Enjoy a brand new type of cruise boat which offers you the comfort of a large canal cruise boat. When the weather is fine, the partially open roof will allow you to enjoy an open boat experience. In the event that the weather is not so favorable however, the boat can be comfortably closed, still ensuring a spectacular view. The boats run on solar energy and are completely silent. During the cruise we offer an audio commentary in 19 languages.

Bypass any lines, and settle into your seat and start your 1-hour journey around Amsterdam's UNESCO World Heritage canal district. When your boat pulls away, take your first glimpse of the historic city from the water, and hear illuminating facts about Amsterdam's history from the on board audio commentary. All the sights have their own individual stories, and the commentary unravels the secrets and tales behind each one.

Feast your eyes on Amsterdam's famous merchant's houses, many built during Amsterdam's Golden Age of the 16th and 17th centuries. Learn why they were designed with narrow frontages and hear about their beautiful gables, some with carvings that depict the family crests and trades of the homeowners.

As you glide alongside leafy banks and quaint houseboats, see highlights such as the Anne Frank House and the Golden Bend district with its grand manor houses, and float under the city's lovely bridges including the famous Magere Brug. After an hour on the water, arrive back at the start pier, where your experience ends.

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