This multi-room escape adventure takes escape rooms to a new level!

At a secret laboratory, hidden in the center of Amsterdam, scientists have perfected time travel. We need a team of 2-5 people for our important mission yet. Go back to World War II in occupied Amsterdam and meet with the Dutch resistance. Find a stolen painting and return to the present without changing the past.

Search for clues, solve puzzles, make connections, and race towards the thrilling conclusion as you Escape Through Time.

Two to five players work together explore a rich environment to discover hidden clues, make connections and solve a mystery.

Be a part of the story and race against the clock towards the thrilling finale. Do not just ‘escape the room’ but escape through time! Everyone finishes the adventure, but only the best can score a perfect 30 points.

The game is in English, but the puzzles are not language based. You do not need perfect English.

The escape game is played inside so the weather outside does not matter. Wear comfortable shoes or come in heels, whatever you prefer. You do not need to be athletic, but you should be able to move comfortably. Although the game can be intense, it is not classically scary.

The more you know about Amsterdam, the more you will appreciate the story. But no knowledge of Amsterdam is required.

You only play with people in your group. You will not be mixed with strangers. Mature children are welcome from age 6. From age 10, kids will see things their parents wont. Hard-to-please teenagers will especially love this adventure.

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