Amsterdam Guided Tour Of United East India Company And Maritime Museum With Art Historian

During this'3-hour tour, led by a professional art historian guide, step back in time to the salty years of Dutch sailors and merchants. Visit the inner courtyard of the United East Indian Company's headquarters, and hear hair-raising stories about the Dutch soldiers and sailors that traveled'the globe for years at a time. Discover antique maps, sextants and globes at' the Maritime museum, where you'll be able to board'a full-size Indiaman ship, as you watch actors re-create the 17th century.

Meet your professional art historian guide at the headquarters of the United East Indian Company in Amsterdam at 10am, and explore the inner courtyard while your guide recounts stories of the golden years of Dutch merchants. Hear about hardship and hairy'situations brought about by hot, tedious voyages with'little drinking water; and about the return of the sailors and soldiers five years after their journeys began.

Enjoy a Dutch-style'coffee break before'moving on to the National Maritime Museum ' one of the world's best shipping presentations. Explore the extensive collections of'maps, globes, and sextants and'step inside a full-size Indiaman ship. Learn how navigators, sailors, and soldiers (portrayed by live actors) lived and enjoy plenty of attention from your guide. This flexible 3-hour experience'does not include entrance fees, refreshments or transportation.

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