Amsterdam Light Festival Water Colors Cruise By Electric Boat

Enjoy a 1.15hour Water Colors cruise on the Amsterdam canals during the Light festival. Admire all the wonderful illuminated pieces of art. Your boat is also 50% self-sufficient through sun energy, the remaining 50% come from a green electricity supplier. This means our boats are silent so you will be able to follow every story about the light art from our friendly guide. On board, you will be welcome with a hot drink and will find blankets and pillows to fully appreciate this unforgettable moment. ' ' ' ' ''


Come aboard the Water Colors Cruise and experience Amsterdam from an unique perspective! During a 75-minute round trip you will experience all what the Amsterdam Lights Festival has to offer while sailing the beautifully 16th century canals. You will be enchanted by the various light sculptures, projections and installations by contemporary artists, selected by the jury of the Amsterdam Light Festival.

Board your luxury and comfortable boat, which gives you a choice of open, as well as semi-indoor seating, and is heated, equipped with pillows, blankets, a toilet and other luxuries making it a very stylish and extraordinary house on the water. You will be guided by a friendly skipper who will tell you about the amazing art pieces passing by. Plus, you will be able to warm you up with delicious mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Bring your friends and family, jump aboard one of the boats and be ready for a different cruise experience!

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