Choose from many customized ways to experience Amsterdam's Countryside with this custom bike tour. Discover scenic paths, picturesque landscapes, old towns, and a thousand years of history.

Amsterdam is an interesting and vibrant city. However, its countryside is just as equally beautiful and full of history. In this tour, you will have the unique opportunity to explore various different locations and landmarks of Amsterdam's countryside. Experience alongside a private guide, a great variation of landscapes and nature, ancient walled towns, forts, medieval castles, and of course, windmills.

Bike tours start in the countryside, no cycling in the busy city. Within half an hour after meeting you will be riding in the country. All tours include a bottle of water and snacks. Full day tours also a full picnic lunch pack, various drinks and homemade buns with flour from the local windmill. The duration of each tour can be fully adapted to meet your interests and provide you with the best possible experience.

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