Experience the Golden Age of Amsterdam with admission to the Portuguese Synagogue, home to one of the city's most exquisitely preserved 17th-century interiors. Learn about Amsterdam's Jewish heritage and history though a complimentary audio headset while exploring this'Sephardic place of worship. Marvel at its series of 72 cast-iron, arched windows and view the woman's gallery, home to12 towering pillars that stand for the 12 tribes of Israel. Your ticket provides additional admission to several of the other Jewish Cultural Quarter's most important sites.'

Amsterdam's prosperity in the Golden Age'would have been unimaginable without the'contribution made by the Jewish community. When the Portuguese Synagogue opened in the heart of Amsterdam in 1675, it was at the largest synagogue in the world.

Embark on an audio tour of this magnificently preserved structure,'located in central Amsterdam's Jewish Cultural Quarter, and learn about the city's Jewish history and heritage. View its'large stone pillars, white plastered walls and dark furnishings bathed in light that shines through 72 cast-iron windows. This still-active synagogue has been without electric light or heating since it was built, with the only artificial light coming from the 1000 candles in its brass chandeliers.

Browse a unique collection of ceremonial objects made of silver, gold, silk and brocade in the synagogue's treasure chambers, and visit the oldest functioning Jewish library in the world, Ets Haim.

You ticket also includes admission to several other main sites in the Jewish Cultural Quarter, including the Jewish Historical Museum, the National Holocaust Memorial and the National Holocaust Museum. It's valid for exactly one month.

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