All over the world clothing ranges are now becoming identical with new designers in vogue for just one season. As a response to this fast fashion, consumers take a renewed interest in sustainable fashion with a story, in which craft and handwork are prominent. This stirs up a new curiosity in traditional folk costumes which can be admired at the Dutch Costume Museum. Local and traditional clothing with its characteristic scent of form and proportion is a source of inspiration for today's fashion designers.

The Dutch Costume Museum shows everyone who is interested in folklore the explosion of colors, combinations and designs, reflecting the history of the Dutch folk costumes and the stories and related practices. This way these stories will not be forgotten in a time when folk costumes are gradually vanishing from our streets. The museum is in a 17th century old canal house in the centre of Amsterdam.

The museum has a unique shop with handmade presents made by the original folk factory. It is open for the public all day from 10am until 6pm.

In the photo studio you can have the photographer take a photo of you in Dutch folk costume with your family or friends. It makes a great souvenir of a nice visit to Amsterdam to bring back home (own expense).

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