Full Day Total Amsterdam Cycling And Food Tour With Snacks And Traditional Drinks

Enjoy this 9-hour tour to experience all that Amsterdam can offer: drinks, dykes, and Dutch traditions. Start the tour cycling the streets then have some typical Dutch snacks, taste local beers and spirits, and fall in love with the 'Dam city.

On this full-day Amsterdam tour, you'll leave a unique experience while cycling through the city's history and modern growth, with plenty of tasty stops along the way.

Start downtown and ride your bike to the northern'dijks'(dykes). As you cycle with your professional guide, you'll observe some historical sites in the financial district and get an up-close look at the city's defenses, learning how windmills, canals, and walls helped to build this nation and its people.

Once you're done with the cycling part, it's time to fuel up! You'll immediately start the food adventure part of your Amsterdam tour, with a visit to the Spui square, and the southern part of Amsterdam's old city centre. You'll understand why locals love snacking on hot, saltyvlaams friets by trying some yourself. You'll also have a quick tour of a cafeteria, visit a cheese shop, eat some puffed-up pancakes, and digest while you explore one of the oldest restaurant districts in the centre. Then, take a sip of liquor, and get ready for your three last stops and eventually a sit-down for a beer tasting.

Next, you'll wander along the charming streets of central Amsterdam, stopping in the northern half of the downtown area to taste local beers and learn about the Dutch brewing industry. Your guide will tell you everything about the spots where Amsterdam warehouses used to store beer back in the 15th century, then take a detour through the Red Light District to head off to your final stop: a small brewery located in this infamous area.

This is already the end of your total Amsterdam tour, but you can, of course, keep exploring the area on your own following the local tips provided by your guide.

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