In this 9-hour tour, you will discover Giethoorn, one of the most romantic Dutch villages named 'Venice of The Netherlands'. Admire the flowers, trees, birds, cute little wooden bridges, boats and for sure canals. The village has no main roads, so you will enjoy a boat trip cruising around the village with your local tour guide from Giethoorn, who will tell you everything about this village: its history, and how people live there. Giethoorn is your destination whether you're a couple looking for a romantic day or a weekend, a family with kids who are in love with nature, or a single traveler that wants to visit a unique place.

Meet your guide at 10:30am at Victoria Hotel, in the center of Amsterdam near Amsterdam Central Station. You will them board in your luxury coach and go directly to Giethoorn. You will explore the charming village by boat cruising around the fairyland as there are no roads in the city center, all transport is done by water over one of the many canals (but nowadays there is a cycling path). Venice has gondolas, Giethoorn has punters, traditional flat-bottom boats that are used for transport over the canals.'

First, you will go towards your boat, by walk or by bike to admire the beautifully preserved unique village built in the middle of a swampy area. Each farmhouse is actually built on a small man-made island and the access to the village center is traditionally done by boat.

Then, you will have an English guided boat trip hosted by a local captain, cruising around the village center, experiencing the idyllic beauty of this amazing place. In order to fully discover this charming village, take some time to wander through the narrow walking paths and discover Giethoorn with more than 150 bridges. Enjoy the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere.'

Giethoorn is one of the best ways of spending a day out in the nature and experiencing a completely different lifestyle while visiting the Netherlands.

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