A visit to Amsterdam and the Netherlands would not be complete without having seen the lovely Dutch countryside. Discover the Dutch countryside by boat and leave Amsterdam behind for a half-day tour. Experience the unique villages in the Waterland area (broek in waterland, zuiderwoude, Holysloot, Uitdam) and enjoy panoramic views and insights from a knowledgeable local guide.

Start your tour at the boat harbor and get on a boat for a two hour sailing tour through the Dutch country side. Explore Holland as it has been since the 10th century.

This boat tour will take you through the beautiful landscape of Waterland. You will see moorland meadows, 'Piet land', old Dutch farms, marchlands and picturesque villages for which the area is known. This area is famous for it's old villages, local food, cheese and traditions.

Embark on this journey alongside a knowledgeable local guide who will give you many insights about the locations you will be seeing.

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