Enjoy a 30 minutes session of laser tag in a outdoor arena in Amsterdam West. Step out of that computer game and play this real life game with the newest technology in broad daylight. You will play in a more than 900m2 arena, one of the biggest in Amsterdam. The tour includes a briefing, guns, tactical vest and debriefing. The system will show you all data of the game, Come on and see if you can beat the other team.

Start in the morning or in the afternoon in a convenient place in Amsterdam. After a warm welcome you will be briefed by one off the professional staff members. The briefing includes an introduction about the equipment and getting the vest and headband on.

The game starts with a big thrill and the adrenaline will get rushing. You will have a 30 minutes laser session where you will give all your very best to beat the other team. Take the opportunity to fully explore the 900m2 arena to find the best spots to reach your opponent and win the battle.

At the end of the session, it will be time to see which team won and who is the best individual player. You will give back your equipment to the staff member. All the results will be displayed on a big screen.

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