Show your friends and family that you have visited Amsterdam and enjoy a 30 minutes photo shoot in Dutch traditional costume. In the underground of the Dutch Costume Museum, there is a professional photo studio with an original set of an Old Dutch interior. Numerous families, friends, lovers and groups have taken their photo in this studio, where there are costumes for men, women, girls and boys. All kinds of combinations are possible, men can dress as woman and vice versa, or the traditional way which is the most popular setting, posing with Dutch iconic items such as Gouda cheese, tulips or the clogs.

Go in the studio in central Amsterdam either in the morning or in the afternoon. You will be welcome by the professional team who will help you to dress up in traditional Dutch costumes. Wear them over your own clothes, so you will be ready quickly and effortlessly. Put the dress on and share this fun moment with your friends or family. The team will guide you to make the best composition so the professional photographer can take a unique photo of you.

Each participant will bring back home 1 printed picture to always remember this amazing Dutch experience. The photo is printed right after the shoot, within few minutes only. While waiting, you can decide to visit the museum shop full of local gifts and items made of the folk fabrics from the original national Dutch costumes. After the photo session, you can also visit the Dutch Costume Museum, or treat yourself with a coffee and Dutch pastries at the Museum kitchen.

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