This unique 3-hour private tour takes you off-the-beaten-path to explore the ethnically diverse neighborhoods of Amsterdam. Discover Caribbean, Turkish and Moroccan-inspired neighborhoods accompanied by a friendly and knowledgeable local guide. Discover the exotic side of Amsterdam and even sample authentic Caribbean food and Dutch treats at the local food market and shops along your journey.

Start your private tour of the exotic side of Amsterdam in the morning by meeting your local guide. Learn a few basic Dutch words that will help you during and after your tour. Discover a vibrant ethnically diverse neighborhood through the sounds and tastes of Caribbean and Dutch Culture. Explore non-touristy places and find the answers to your questions about these fascinating neighborhoods of Amsterdam.

Stop in local shops along the way to sample delicious Caribbean food as well as sweet Dutch treats. During the Spring and Summer months you will often hear the sound of Caribbean and Reggae music playing on the streets making this neighborhood come alive. Next, visit the Amsterdam Football Club - Ajax. Following this you will get to experience the Caribbean vibe of Amsterdam in the Bijlmer neighborhood, where you will learn about Caribbean culture in Amsterdam and have the opportunity to try some authentic Caribbean food.

The next stop on your private tour will be the Javastraat neighborhood where you will get to see a variety of different shops and restaurants including Turkish and Moroccan. If you're not too full from sampling the Caribbean treats, you will also have the opportunity to taste some Turkish Pizza. If you fancy the challenge of making your own Caribbean, Turkish, Moroccan or any other kind of exotic dish you will also have the chance to test your bargaining skills at one of the best outdoor markets in Amsterdam, the Dappermarkt.

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