Private Tour: Skip The Line Ticket And Guided Tour Of The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Your guide will share the stories behind each must-see work of art and artifact. Your 2 to 2.5 hour private tour of the Rijksmuseum will take you through a selection of it's most important pieces, putting them into context for even the most amateur art lover. You will be provided the tickets so you can skip the line and return later if you want to explore further on your own.

Holland's version of the Louvre is a must, and this tour will introduce first-time visitors to the impressive and expansive collection that curates Dutch history over the centuries. For those who aren't familiar with Dutch culture, you will explore its rich and vibrant past through a selection of paintings and artifacts from the 8000 objects on display. You'll explore familiar names like Rembrandt while discussing lesser known items like 17th century dollhouses and Vermeer's portrait of domesticity, 'The Milkmaid.' There's even a fascinating 19th century library containing more stories than could ever be told. By the end, you'll have a good overview of the museum's collection and you may even know how to pronounce its name correctly.

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