Private Tour Stedelijk Museum Modern Art Amsterdam With Art Historian

Get an overview of the Netherlands' most impressive collection of contemporary and modern art during a private 2-hour tour of Amsterdam's'Stedelijk Museum, led by a professional art historian. Learn about the most avant-garde art from 1880 to today, with plenty of attention from your personal guide. You'll have the time to ask questions, and to see what's most important to you. See works by Van Gogh, Mondrian, Malevich, and a variety of modern artists.'The cost of this tour is based on the group price (group limited to 6 people).

Meet your guide at the Stedelijk Museum at 10am, when its'halls are still quiet, for'an overview of art from 1880 to the art of our time'during your 2-hour tour of Amsterdam's most famous modern art museum. Observe paintings from Vincent van Gogh, German and Russian Expressionists, the world famous Mondrian, and the Stijl movement, as well as work by a variety of modern artists. With your private guide, a professional art historian, wander through the museum's expansive halls'while asking plenty of questions about the works that most interest you.

Engage with your surroundings at this fun and playful museum ' enjoy the new annex, shaped'like a giant bath tub, ride the 2001 Space Odyssey-vibe escalator that'connects the basement level with the top floor. Entrance fees are not included in the price of the tour, and you are welcome to stay and explore the museum at your own pace after saying goodbye to your guide.'The cost of this tour is based on the group price (group limited to 6 people).

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