Are you ready to discover a world where the unbelievable happens and the amazing comes to life? Ripley's Believe It or Not! brings you closer to the most incredible exhibits from around the world. Enjoy a full experience behind the doors of Ripley's Amsterdam and let us open you eyes!

Take a picture with our 7-meters robot, come face to face with real shrunken heads from the Amazon, discover how an actual Academy Award looks like, take a picture with Robert Wadlow, the tallest man in history, and enjoy an unforgettable experience in our 5-D cinema!

You can start your journey of discovery through Ripley's free-of-entrance Lobby, where you will find a real Bugatti made out of wood to a real-size Hulk built only with bolts. In the first floor, you will learn about the fascinating life of Robert Ripley and his collection, ranging from deformed skulls from the Amazon to a Faberge egg!

A 7 meters robot made of car parts and a real T-rex skull are some of the exhibits that you will find in The Ripley's Playground. 'Don't forget to take a picture with the most remarkable people from around the world. You can stand next to Robert Wadlow whose length of 2.72 m. made him amazingly tall or Bobby Blackburn who underwent modified his teeth to look like a crocodile! Also don't miss our spinning tunnel, guaranteed to put your ability to walk to the test.

Also, at Ripley's Amsterdam we invite you to immerse yourself into the Dutch culture by entering a replica of a traditional windmill and crawling into a piece of cheese! Bring your imagination to live in our themed rooms, from witnessing how Amsterdam would look under water to learning more about the music scene in this amazing city!

After your museum experience, you can sit in our lounge area, a cup of coffee and enjoy a unique view from one of the most famous squares in Europe! Visitors will also be able to enter different worlds and dimensions with our 5D cinema!

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