Avoid admission lines at the National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam and explore its vast collection independently with a skip-the-line ticket. Learn about the golden age of Dutch maritime history, view the nautical globes, maps, ship instruments, paintings and more, and explore the replica of the 18th-century East Indiaman cargo ship, the 'Amsterdam,' moored outside. Entrance fee, and an optional 1-hour audio-guided tour are included.

Travel independently to the National Maritime Museum (Het Scheepvaartmuseum) at Amsterdam's old harbor, to arrive during the opening hours.

Set in the restored 17th-century Arsenal that was Royal Dutch Navy's storehouse, the museum houses one of the world's largest nautical collections, spanning atlases, art, model ships, and more. It forms the backbone of the Netherlands' maritime heritage, while giving fascinating insight into the country's'elemental connection with the sea.

On arrival, use your fast-access ticket to bypass the ticket line, and head inside, admiring the modern glass roof over the courtyard. Collect an audio guide for a guided 1-hour walk-through of the highlights, or choose to wander around'as you wish.

View the high-definition screens that chart the Netherlands' Golden Age of maritime power in the 17th century, and explore the halls filled with globes, navigational instruments, ship decorations, and stunning maritime landscapes.

Take a virtual seafaring adventure, journey through old Amsterdam port, and head outside to explore the showpiece: a replica of the 18th-century Amsterdam cargo ship.

Numerous exhibits are designed for children, and the museum is wheelchair-friendly.

Lastly, when your audio tour or explorations finish, take your leave whenever you wish, bringing your experience to a close.

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