In this 3.5-hour tour, enjoy an authentic walk through the streets of Amsterdam seen by its inhabitants. Naturally you will see the city's main highlights as the Royal Palace, the Beurs van Berlage and other major landmarks. However, your guide will take you to places only known by true Amsterdammers and where the soul and charm of this magical city is'focused. You will learn about Amsterdam culture, architecture, art, gastronomy and history.

Meet your guide in the morning or in the afternoon in a central place in Amsterdam. Your guide will tell you about the history, architecture, design, art, traditional food of the Netherlands and the distinctive features of the Dutch people. Know how they 'stablished the world's first stock exchange, about the 'tulip mania', the secret life of Amsterdam's basements live and why the Dutch windows are so large. You will also learn how to play the wonderful instrument of the Australian aborigines ' didgeridoo, in one of the most hidden places.

Start your tour with a short walk in the bustling tourist district, visit one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Holland ' the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, see the Beurs van Berlage designed by an eminent Dutch architect.

Then your guide will take you to one of the finest galleries of young Dutch designers. This is a great place to buy unusual souvenirs and interior items ' unimaginable tables, paper folding vases and other interesting things.

Now it's time to go to quite unusual places, where street artists used the houses as a canvas for their great pictures, every day the graffiti is replaced by another one.

This visit is followed by at a shop of unusual gifts. Thanks to the excellent sense of humor of the Dutch designers, even the gloomy people could not help themselves but smile.

Move towards Spui square where you could see flea or art market. There are great bookstores in this area too. If you wish, you can buy something radical and cheerful at the nearest clothing store of local fashion designers.

Enter the old twisted gates and walk through courtyards and galleries of the Museum of Amsterdam that will take you to the picturesque and quiet Hoffje. On the way your guide will explain about the reliefs, by which Dutch people liked to decorate their houses, and try to unravel their mysteries.

Discover the luxurious floating flower market where you could buy everything from tulip bulbs to venus flytrap in a tin. Learn more about the 'tulip mania', futures and 'air commerce' and hear the story on how one little bulb nearly caused the collapse of the economy of this prosperous country.

While heading off to Chinatown, your guide will talk about the artists living in Amsterdam. If desired, you can have a meal in one of the best Chinese / Vietnamese restaurants (not included). Observe what used to be a one of the most cruel place in the city, where people were executed, and the narrowest houses in Amsterdam.

Finally, finish your tour in the Red Light district, which stretches up to the Oude Kerk, very beautiful and impressive church. Try to find the monument that hides under your nose.

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