Find yourself propelled into the dark ages and an era of torture, disease and death. The origins of the Grim Reaper are traced here and you are invited to discover its true meaning and brevity in the darkness of the Amsterdam Dungeon. Experience 11 shows, live actors and 500 years of history under one roof!

Take a step back into Holland's gory past with a trip to the Amsterdam Dungeon. Live actors, shows and interactive special effects ensure that you face your fears head on in this unique experience. Everything that you see is based on real historical events from the chilling story of the Spanish Inquisition, to life on board a VOC ship, torture and the plague.

With the spooky mirror maze Labyrinth of the Lost, the Torture Chamber or the 'Witches' show, the Amsterdam Dungeon provides a thrilling and fun experience that will leave you screaming for more! A day out for the family based on pain, fear, torture and death, are you brave enough?

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