Get the most out of your visit to the Van Gogh Museum by touring the world's largest collection of his works with an art historian guide. Dive deep into the history of the brilliant artist, one of the most famous Dutchmen of all time, during this 90-minute tour with just your small group (maximum six people) and your private guide, a professional art historian and educator. Explore the world's largest collection of Van Gogh's works chronologically, learning about the events that inspired his masterpieces.'Price is per group, with a maximum of six people.

Meet your guide bright at early at 8:55am in front of the Stedelijk Museum, next door to the Van Gogh museum. Explore the Van Gogh museum chronologically, beginning with the artist's darker Dutch period (like'The Potato Eaters). Move onto Van Gogh's brighter Parisian works with Impressionist influence, and finish the tour by examining the works from his glory years in Arles, St. Remy, and'Auvers-sur-Oise. With just your small group (maximum six people) and your private guide, learn about'a'series of events that occurred in Van Gogh's life and influenced his art. Your professional guide has been an educator and an art historian for decades, making this 90-minute tour'ideal for school kids and adults alike. After saying goodbye to your guide at the end of the 90-minute tour, you can continue to explore the museum at your own pace.

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