Cycling through Amsterdam is the most local and traditional way of traveling in Amsterdam. In this 1-hour tour, you will cycle in the lovely Vondelpark where you will fully enjoy Amsterdam, its nature and its architecture. The Vondelpark is the safest place to cycle since there is no traffic at all.

Pickup your traditional Dutch bike at 3pm and just ride towards Vondelpark. Since there is no other traffic then cyclists are allowed to enjoy their ride in the Vondelpark, which it is the safest place to cycle through Amsterdam. Even with your kids! The tour guide will take you safely to the Vondelpark and show you the beautiful canals, architecture, sculptures, the open air theater, the and the rose garden. Free coffee or tea after the tour is included.

This place is a famous and popular park in Amsterdam, attracting thousands of tourists, residents and everyone in between every day. The Vondelpark was designed by landscape architect L.D. Zocher and has been awarded national heritage status. It has its own open air theater, several restaurant/bars and lots of other attractions. You can enjoy the beautiful architecture, canals and nature of Amsterdam all from the Vondelpark.

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